Quality policy

Quality management policy

LAIP possesses a Quality Management System, which is described in the Quality Manual and is developed in the Procedures Manual, in conformity with the requirements in the International Norm UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015.
LAIP proposes a view which contains the organization as a whole, assuming that each and everyone of its members add to final quality of the product and service offered, also considering the Continuous Improvement as key in the process toward Excellence.
We, at LAIP consider it paramount to promote our image as a specialist in the high quality tool-holder business and to do so it is necessary:
To offer high quality products which totally conform with the required specifications, with all applicable requirements, and that fully satisfy the customers needs and that all of it improves their consideration of LAIP.
To systematically use Continuous Improvement procedures, integrated in the evaluation and programme processes. The failures must be used to learn and to eliminate the sources or reasons by which they were caused, at the same time fomenting the cooperation, participation and team work of all the employees.
To have the right human, technical and production resources.
To have effective means or channels to commercialize its goods.
The management will promote the necessary improvements to obtain the goals.

For all this, the management guarantees that their Quality Policy is understood and accepted by all the staff; and by means of internal audits will verify that the Quality System maintains its efficiency and appropriacy.

Abadiño, the 9th of September 2016

J. Echabe
General Manager